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Top 10 Different Bath Plants You Can Look Effortlessly

And don’t you say flowers in the bathroom? Don’t leave without looking! I’ve compiled the 10 best bath facilities for you. The common feature of these plants is that they are green and look very nice in your bathroom. Let me answer the first question that comes to mind. They can be used in bathrooms, especially since they do not need to see the sun. Read on for details and choose one that suits your taste and put it right in your bathroom.

Airplant (Tillandsia)

When I call Airplant, I’m talking about the genus Tillandsia, which covers about 630 different plant species that are native to Mexico, Central and South America. Most of the florists in The most important features that cause these plants to gain popularity around the world are that they do not need soil to live and spend their lives on other plants, or they live where you leave. Isn’t it weird?

Aspidistra – Living Room Leaf

Aspidistra elatior leaves are grown to be very durable, beautiful and decorative. It is a non-branched plant. Removes long stem leaves from rhizomes beneath the ground. Long, sunny places in the dark shade and wetlands make the stalks short. If the soil is good, the leaves are wide and can approach 1 meter. A plant that can be considered a bath plant

Love Ladder – Fern Plants

The fountain-type love ladder is used as an indoor ornamental plant in homes, workplaces and workplaces. Moist air attracts very fast in hot places. Love ladder has both sun and shade properties. A window though is great if you are going to be in the bathroom and the sunlight is great for this flower. Summers need plenty of water in winter and water every 2-3 days. Or disappear

Philodendron – Camel Base

It is grown as an ornamental plant like devetaban in homes and offices. If it looks good, its width is close to 1 meter. Leaves are not long in all directions, but long leaf stems take up too much space. She likes moisture. She loves very moist soil. Resistant to shadows.


Various species of the genus Peperomia have an important place among the ornamental plants with the beauty, durability and cultivation of their fleshy leaves. They like heat, dense humid weather.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera bitkis is a complete miracle and is about to be written. The number of this facility contains the information on the page. For more information please see. If you have some natural light in your bathroom, this is exactly the bathroom plant you are looking for.


In minimum light conditions, the plants of hot, steam and humid places are orchid. Another feature is its elegance.

Spider plant

A research by NASA in the late 80s reveals that some green plants make the ambient air of higher quality. The volatile organic compounds present in these plants react with air to act as a natural filtration system. If you are a bit lazy about taking care of plants in your home, this plant can be exactly according to your home. It is very difficult to dry and die completely, but it is also very safe for pets. So you can live in the bathroom and you can easily add green to the bathroom.

Chinese Evergreen

The moisture of these plants, which should not be taken by direct sunlight, should be provided by spraying water on their leaves. In other words, a green plant full of green leaves is filled with leaves.

Snake plant

Thanks to its vertical and regular leaves, it is ideal for small spaces. You can use it as a bath facility and it is a suitable plant to protect the humidity of the environment.

Growing plants at home requires responsibility. If you do not apply the necessary maintenance methods, your facility is waiting for what is known. The care method should understand how well the plant grows inside the plant. Therefore, I suggest that you review an article that I have prepared earlier.

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