DIY Decor

Easy and Cleverly Prepared DIY Work for the Most Crazy Hobby Enthusiasts

Instead of going to the stores and getting expensive shoe racks, you can make yourself one by using PVC pipes. Cut PVC pipes evenly and glue them together to form the shape you want them to stand on the wall. This design will not only save you money but also as a stylish accessory.

Coffee Scented Candles Don’t Search Far Away!

Who doesn’t like the smell of a hot coffee? It’s time to stop paying fortune to get coffee-scented candles! You can create the same object by replacing these candles with regular candle and glass storage containers. Fill the storage container with coffee beans and place the wax in the center. Enjoy the unique fragrance and the dim candle light!

Use Your Old Books as a Shelf!

Get ready, it’s better than all the above. Do not throw your old books. Because these books can be much more useful than you think. Choose a book with leather covered and beautiful patterns / color. Get two sets of hinges. You will use one of them at the bottom of the book and the other at the top. Perform the drilling by measuring the thickness of each book. Place the book between the two hinges and place your favorite objects on top. What a perfect decoration idea but!

Wonders on the Walls with Children’s Books

Decorate the walls of your child’s room using his favorite story books. Believe it, your child will be very happy when they see the characters or scenes you love and will also have a wonderful design of the walls of the room. All you have to do is separate the pages from the book.

Move your garden to a small jar

Find the beautiful looking vase and find inside the pebbles, soil and dry leaf. Place the plant inside and complete the decor with small objects. You can use objects such as a small tree trunk, dry leaves for decor. Put the jars in a place where you can get sunshine and enjoy your decoration. Be proud of yourself for creating such a small garden and take good care of it.

Bath Salt

Do you prefer to take bath salts in just a few steps? You need some sea salt, your favorite oil and food coloring. You are free in the combination of color and fragrance you want. Enjoy it!

Message With Coffee Cup!

Whether you want to customize the cup of coffee you have, or to make this cup unique to give to someone. All you need is a coffee cup and a Sharpie market. Use your imagination and find something creative to draw or write. You can apply the writing or drawing to the inside or outside of your cup.

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