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Do you want to decorate your house at an affordable price

I’m gonna try to help you with some of the ideas I have and I use. I think you will be interested

Begin to think long term.

If you’re in your home forever, think long term comes easier than you rent. However, even if you are in the transition area, you can consider the future. Think about where you’re going to be in 3-5 years when you’re thinking about big purchases.

Will you be having children?  Will your children be grown?  Will you be welcoming grandchildren into the mix.  Thinking about the changes that the future might hold can help inform your decisions right now.  It can help you figure out the functionality you may need so you have a plan as life unfolds.

Yes, unexpected things always happen, but long range thinking can come in handy when planning a space. It helps you to make better informed choices rather than just running out and buying stuff to suit your needs for the present.

Consider your stage in life.

When you plan a room or want to make updates, think about where you are in life.  If you have young children who are learning how to hold their cups and are throwing screaming fits about washing the sticky jelly off their pudgy little fingers, that white chenille sofa might not be the best idea.  Or that white rug. Yes. I’m talking from experience.

No matter how pretty it is, and how much you think you can keep it clean, STOP. In two months you’ll be banging your head on the floor wondering why the heck you ever thought a white rug was a good idea.  When the kids are grown and you’ve talked your husband out of any more dogs that eat socks and throw up on the closest carpeted surface, i.e. the white rug, maybe then will be a good time to go for it.

A big part of making the most of your home decorating budget is just making wise decisions.  Be Solomon and don’t cut your hair when it comes to making wise choices with your budget!

When purchasing large ticket items, buy quality that will last a long time.

I know it’s tempting to run to Ikea and just grab the cutest couch there.  But let’s face it… Ikea’s priority is price.  Design is also very important, I think, but I know I shop there for the low cost and not necessarily the quality.  I’m not saying that I won’t buy from Ikea again… In fact, I am looking at a media console there because I chose to spend a lot on my new sectional.  It’s all about balance.

It’s important to prioritize and figure out where the most important place is to spend your money.  For me, that is seating.  Everything else can come and go without much worry about cost.  But knowing that I have a quality sofa that is nap-worthy and will last gives me peace of mind!

Declutter your home. A more minimalistic approach frees up space and makes your home look more like a magazine.

Decluttering seems to be ALL the rage.  I’ve been doing it for 15 years…ever since I first found flylady.  If you ever sit down and look through a Pottery Barn or West Elm Catalog, take note.  Where is the clutter?  It’s not there.  It might be behind the camera, but you won’t find it there in that meticulously staged photograph.

If you don’t have any money to spend, start tossing stuff.  Toss so much stuff, the kids and dog think they’re next.  Get rid of paper and junk and furniture.  Heavens to Betsy,  I’ve still have too much furniture in my house.  Too many side tables and chairs will dwarf a room and make it feel tight and breathless.  Let your home breathe by getting rid of all the excess.

 There is some truth to it.  I’ve lived it and can attest to the value to letting stuff go and truly loving what you keep.

In fact, I would push you down this road before you even think about redecorating anything.  A home that can breath is inviting and restful!

Make every dollar count.

Obviously, right?  That’s really what you want to know, I’m sure.  How to stretch those dollars in new and exciting ways, huh?

1. Use Cash. 

Putting furniture on credit is going to cost you so much more after paying the interest.  I know how it feels to just want to make over a room and have all new stuff.  I know that feeling when you are standing there looking at that new car and your adrenaline starts to rush and you just HAVE to have it because you deserve it and you work hard and you haven’t ever had the chance to pick out your very own because you’ve always had hand-me-downs.

It can be the same with sofas.  That desire wells up inside and it’s like a race-car driving the Indy 500 takes over.  There’s no stopping it.

But if you save the money add just use cash, it will be much better for you financially in the long run.  That might mean waiting a few more months, but it WILL be worth it.

We had this couch for seven years and it was destroyed by small children and a giant dog.  Even though I sat on every stinkin’ sofa within our city limits and thought this was the right one, it was uncomfortable and we hated it. But I forced myself to wait until I had saved up enough to make a better and more informed choice. It wasn’t easy, but it’s paid off in aces and spades and clubs and diamonds. I know part of my success this time around is that it wasn’t my first time at the couch-buying rodeo.  So be kind to yourself if (or when) you make mistakes.  Time and experience will be on your side.

And for this purchase, I used cash, and it feels awesome to be sitting on pretty on a couch that is fully paid for!

2. Sell your old stuff to make a few bucks.

I know this might come as a “duh” moment, but for me, I’ve always hated selling stuff.  I’ve never had a yard sale, and I can’t stand the thought of craigslist.  It creeps me out to think of strangers coming to my house to see my furniture.  In fact, several times, we’ve just put stuff out in our front yard with a “FREE” sign on it.  I’ve been happy to gift my stuff to a home that needs it!  (unless a neighbor takes it and sells it in a garage sale.  That just happened and I was just a little bit annoyed.  But them I remembered that I gifted it and released it.  It was now theirs to do what they wished.  That’s maturity, folks.)

But just a few weeks ago, I decided to give my local consignment store a go.  They do take 50% but that’s 50% more than I would have gotten had I given it to the Goodwill.  (Though I do still give lots of stuff to the Goodwill).  I’m only going to take un-banged up, nice looking stuff to sell.  I mean, I’m sure they wouldn’t have wanted my couch turned doggy chew toy. Not front widow merchandise display there, yo.

Another option I’ve seen is to post your stuff on Facebook and see if any of your local friends need it.  At least that way, you might know the people coming to pick up your stuff.  Hopefully, you’re not friends with any axe murderers.  Yikers.

3. Be very careful with DIY’ing.

I make lots and lots of our home decor.  I love doing it and usually it saves us some money. But not ALL the time.  This is where you have to watch it like a hungry hawk on a juice diet.  Material costs can soar past what you might have paid for something if you aren’t careful.  So do some research before you decide you want to add a nice accent wall to your Foyer. There may be cheaper ways to create an accent wall.  Or build that table.

If you are really pinching your pennies, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons when it comes to DIY.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

With some insight and wise decisions, you can make your budget tow the line for you!  I’ve spent very little decorating my home and the only major purchase I’ve really made was our sectional.  Other than that, it’s all been DIY and thoughtful choices that have made it a place where we feel comfortable and at home.  Of course, I have more I want to do and I’m always itching to change things up!

That’s a creative personality for you, right?

What other ways do you use to make the most of your home decorating budget?

Let me know down in the comments below!

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