Kitchen ideas

How to make small kitchen designs that will meet all needs?

First of all, you should consider every square meter of your kitchen well. You should find rational solutions by avoiding dead spaces. By using dead spaces as a wardrobe, you create extra storage space. You should use all the walls of your kitchen for storage. You should also make it more practical for small household appliances and small needs on counter top tiles.

Metal or wicker baskets and hanging shelves are ideal for this purpose. You always need space on your counter while preparing food and washing dishes.

For this reason, do not fill the counter. You can save extra space in the counter by selecting your oven in the kitchen. Just be a little creative about storage areas. You can always find a solution to create extra space. For example, you can use a wide range of marble on the window sills, where you can use spice jars or items that should be at your fingertips.

Open shelf systems are also quite smart choices for small kitchens. Using open shelf systems, you can make your small kitchen look more spacious.

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